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Bye bye blackbird

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Once a boy was no good,
Took a girl into a wood,
Bye, Bye Blackbird.
Laid her down upon the grass,
Pinched her tits and slapped her ass,
Bye, Bye Blackbird.
Took her where nobody else could find her,
To a place where he could really grind her,
Rolled her over on her front,
Shoved his cock right up her cunt,
Blackbird, Bye Bye.
But this girl was no sport,
Took her story to a court,
Bye, Bye Blackbird.
Told her story in the morn,
Judge and jury had a horn,
Blackbird, Bye, Bye.
Then the Judge came to his decision,
This poor fuck got 18 years in prison,
So next time boy, do it right,
Stuff her cunt with dynamite,
Blackbird, Bye, Bye.

Bye bye blackbird

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