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Hash songs

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I have now created 'Hash Songs' for the website and added some songs. I believe this is a good start to get you people to start singing the same old shit everytime. Most of these are Harrier songs though. Please feel free to add more material yourself. It is really simple.
To do this, please log on with your hash name. Then in the left column, click on 'Add content' > 'Hash Songs'. Type in the Title of the song, which melody it's based on and enter the lyrics. You can also upload a MP3 audio version of the song. This is great if people don't know the melody the lyrics are supposed to be sung to. If you don't have an audio verion, don't worry. I'll check through new stuff every now and again and will update it if I can.
So enjoy the songs and I hope you all like it.
May I suggest one of my favourite Harriettes songs: 'Dont mess my hairdo'

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