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History of the Colombo Hash House Harriettes

Hashing started in the 1980 in Colombo and was originally run on Mondays. In those early days, that is the first 5 years, there were two women joining the very first runs on the Colombo Hash House Harriers. They were "Handwarmer" a German and "Iron Lady" from Austria.

"Hey", you may ask, "What's with all the talk about Monday Hash? I want to know about Wednesday mixed Hash!" Hang on, I'm getting there.

Well, Handwarmer broke her knee and could not run. Kockers(I can't remember her real name), the wife of Wenzler, a regular hasher at the time, wanted to run with the men. So she enticed Talking Bear (a bachelor back then), who announced this idea at the Hash AGM, held at the Pfizer factory.
"Hey you bastards! There has always been two unmentionables running with us and now that Handwarmer cannot run why not get another? Kockers, the wife of Rainer Wenzler wishes to run with us. Any objections, you shits?"
Of course no one argued. Talkin Bear was a big bastard with a lousy temper and more importantly, Kockers was well stacked, especially in areas Spidey liked. So Kockers joint the Monday "men only" Hash.

This went on for about two weeks, but when she started bringing more and more female guests, the male hashers decided "Enough, fuck off, you c*nts!". But these women really loved hashing. So the boys and girls got together and formed another Hash kennel in Colombo that would run on Wednesdays and welcome Hashers of all genders.

And so the Colombo Hash House Harriettes was born on the 20th June 1985!

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