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Piss poor singing

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I find our piss poor singing in the circle quite embarrasing at times. Actually, singing is not the problem. The lack of songs, that is the issue. The only song we seem to know is the hash down-down song we always sing. I guess everyone is a bit sick of it and that's why singing in the circle are as crap as it was yesterday.
In the not so distant future, I will be adding a song album to this website in the hope that you fuckers will read it and learn the songs. In the meanwhile, do everyone a favour and learn some new shit on your own. A good source is the new Harriette, Bend Over Rover, who seems to know a few good ones.
And please, when someone sings a new song, or tells a story or joke, LISTEN to them. You can have your private parties when the RA is speaking!

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